House Rules

Take Care of Your Dog

All participants are responsible for their own dogs. The hotels listed on this page are pet friendly.

Please keep in mind that the Youngstars Camp is taking place in August. It may very well be hot. Please make sure that your dog is not too hot at any time and that he always has access to water. There is no shade parking on the Camp are. Please have a car cover with you or a detached house if you plan to have the dog on the Camp are.

If we notice a dog not being taken care of properly, in particular if he may overheat, we will have to send you away from the Camp.  

We will have a list of vets at hand that are working during the time of the Camp.

Animal Welfare Act

Please do not use Prong collars, E-collars or any other devices that are not legal according to the German Animal Welfare Act. If we notice participants treating their dogs or using devices in a way relevant to the Animal Welfare Act, we will have to send the respective participant home. 

Serving of Alcohol

Consumption of alcohol will not be allowed for participants under 16 years. Please have an ID with you for us to check in case a question arises. We will have to send participants home who do not follow the respective event rules.  

Photography and Filming

Please take note that there will be photography and filming of the event. All participants will need to sign a form agreeing to accept pictures and videos. Please note that we might use material for social media, newspapers, magazines and websites.