ca. 200 Youngstars

100 Participants: 40 with dogs and 60 without. Newbies or active in the sport. All Breeds (or no breed). Dogsport is Teamsport: let's come together and have fun!

20 Amazing Instructors

The best of the best: all here to meet and teach you! World Champions, famous helpers and the guy who everyone comes to if there's a problem in tracking.

No Entry Fee

Thanks to the community supporting the Youngsters Camp, you don't have to pay an entrance fee. Simply be one of the first 100 to register: and you're an IGP Youngstar!

What is IGP?

The name IGP or Schutzhund might be confusing (IGP, previously IPO or Schutzhund ) - but behind it is a dog sport that you and your dog might just love. IGP is made up of three very different areas; imagine a triathlon for you and your dog. You will work and compete together in tracking, obedience and protection. In short, your dog gets to do everything a certain type of working dog is bred for. IGP trials are named since January 1st 2019 as International Utility Dogs Regulations (IGP) of the official Fédérdation Cynologique Internationale . Come and try IGP dogsport . You and your dog will love it.

A: Tracking

In Tracking, you will work with your dog's ability to smell and search. Your dog will track footsteps over mixed terrain and find so called articles (little pieces of certain materials) that are laid out on the track. Tracking is all about a calm, intense search (hard to imagine with some of our hyper dogs) and one of the greatest hobbies a dog has: nose work.

B: Obedience

In Obedience, you and your dog work together in most any way you can think of. Some compare it to dressage as you know it from heeling. You will practice "heeling", the commands "sit", "down" and "stand", the dog will learn to retrieve something (its called a dumbbell) for you and even jump over a hurdle while bringing it back. Obedience has many elements but there is one common goal: that your dog works freely and happily with you.

C: Protection

When people watch Protection for the first time, there are usually two very different reactions. Either they don't like to see a dog who is biting. Or they are fascinated by the strength and speed of the dogs. Imagine a game, where you and your dog are hunting down a "bad guy". Where your dog protects you from someone who attacks you. It is important to understand that the dog must never bite the "bad guy" (we call him the "helper"), unless the bad guy actually attacks. Now imagine that your dog stops immediately when you tell him to stop. This area is about controlled protection, it is about confident dogs who show their skills in what they are bred for: helping society keep safe. Once you know the rules, Protection is not violent. It is teamwork between you and your dog.